Why Your Business Need Mobile Application?

With mobile applications, there are many possibilities from Apps for email, calendar, games to social media apps and even that for businesses. More number of people are now using smart phones which have a large number Apps pre-loaded. They also have the ability to install more applications from a store online.

There are many types of smartphone Apps, like native, hybrid, and web based. The native Apps are mainly for either iOS or Android platform. The hybrid ones are a mix for both mobile and web based Apps; while the Web-based are for those who what a presence on the Internet.

Native-Mobile-App-Development Difference between Mobile Apps & Web-Based Apps

Both a mobile and Web-based App can be used on the same device. A Web-based one is meant for computers, laptops and mobiles. It is even possible to create a Web-based one that is exclusively for a mobile device. The difference being a web-based one requires a browser to run while a smartphone Application is a software application by itself. A mobile Application can take advantage of all the features of the device to provide a richer App while a web-based one (or a website) is a simple application. 

Benefits of using Mobile App for Business

A smartphone is not simply a means of communicating it has several other important applications. It is a technologically advanced device that makes it possible to have advanced mobile App for your business.

This is why a mobile App is important for any business:

  • A large number of businesses have a smartphone applications.
  • Mobile marketing is more effective that others types of marketing.
  • Firms without a mobile App will find it hard to stay competitive.
  • It is not only the companies that sell products and services that benefit from having a App; it is beneficial to all types of businesses.
  • For an eCommerce business; it is more interactive for the customers, for a telecommunication business, it can help improve customer support. Thus, special business specific Apps can help improve the experience for a customer and prove beneficial for a business.
  • A mobile App for a business means all potential customers or clients have access to all the information about the business in the palm of their hand.
  • Businesses have a an ability to target potential customers on the basis of their demographics, age, interest; thus helping to provide a quicker, effective and customized solution.
  • It helps build customer loyalty.

A website is available on more number of platforms and helps spread the awareness of a brand, product or service. However, a mobile offers a more personal experience and hence there is a greater chance of one making a purchase using an App.

A large number of businesses now have a mobile Application, however there are still many who do not. Thus, getting one for your business can give you an upper edge.

It helps with brand recognition and better visibility. 

Stats and Facts

  •  An average American spends more than 2 hours a day on their mobile device.
  •  Only 14% of the time is spent using a browser while 86% of time is spent using mobile Apps.
  •  Prediction for Apps download by 2020 is 284 Billion.
  •  Smartphone Apps downloaded in 2017 was 197 Billion.
  •  25 Billion iOS Apps downloaded in 2016
  •  50 Billion Android Apps downloaded in 2015.
  •  Revenue for mobile Apps in 2016 was close to $51 Billion.
  •  Smartphone App revenue is predicted to grow to $101 Billion by 2020.
  •  Revenue from Smartphone apps other than gaming Apps accounts for over 25% of the spending in 2015.
  • Prediction for non mobile gaming apps revenue by 2020 is upwards of $182 Billion.
  • Time spent using Android mobile Apps has increased by 63% between 2014 & 2015.

There are many benefits of having a mobile Applications and even the statistics collected from several online sources suggest it is vital for a business to invest in a mobile App.