What is Full Stack Development and Why We Need It?

A lot of work goes into making of a website which involves design and development. It requires skills and expertise in many different technologies as well. There are many steps involved in creation of a website, however it can be generally categorized into the front end and the back end.

Front end of a website is the visible part and involves working on technologies like HTML, JavaScript, etc. In layman terms, this is the presentation layer which dictates how it is displayed to the users (graphic user interface)

Back end of the website is code that is essential since it consists of basic functionality, which includes technologies like ASP, PHP, MySQL, MongoDB. This is the business logic layer that includes data validation, processing of data, etc.

Full-Stack-development-angular-php-services SUMMARY
The website creation is mainly categorized into two parts. Front end of a website works on technologies like HTML, JavaScript etc. and Back end includes ASP, PHP, MySQL, MongoDB etc.

Making of website can be classified as below:

  • Front End Development is building a visual sections of a website using technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.
  • Back End Development is a part of a website that is not visible but responsible for a major part of the functionality of a website
  • Full Stack Development is the overall process of a website and includes both front end and back end development

What is Full Stack Development?

It is development of all aspects of a website application. It means making  use of HTML, JavaScript which is meant for front end. It also includes back end process that uses an API and backhand programming languages like Ruby, Python, Java, PHP, Dot Net technology to name a few.

A full stack developer is a skilled web developer with an ability to work all aspects of a website. This means the process is rapid and efficient. It includes both client and server programming like for browser (JavaScript, HTML), server(PHP,ASP) and database(SQL, MongoDB).

Full Stack Development includes developing all the aspects of a website application making use of HTML, JavaScript etc. for Front end and PHP, Java, etc. for Back end processes.

Benefits of Full Stack Development

There are a wide range of skills necessary to develop a website which includes implementing a design, developing functionality and also managing the data. Full stack development includes all of the above, thus here are the advantages of opting for it:

  • Easy to switch roles: Since the same developer posses the skills to handle front end and back end process, it is possible for one to instantly switch roles on any project. This means there is no loss of time, no need to involve multiple developers, and no time spent on explaining the project to multiple developers. It saves time and money and is more efficient since the end result is closer to the client’s expectations.
  • Bigger Picture: Since it is not exclusively programming of functionality & database, the skill developer has an overall picture the project. They are aware of all programming aspects of a project and changes in all section of a project like design structure, functionality and database.
  • Cost Saving: This way the same person can handle back end and front end sections. This means it is only necessary to involve one person for the purpose of developing a website which saves a business time and money.
  • Update & Upgrading: For businesses who have opted for this type of development, the process of changing a website becomes easier. Thus, it doesn’t matter if it a small update that is necessary or if the website requires upgrading to a new version; the process is much simpler, efficient, losses with minimal downtime.
  • Benefit of opting this is that it is possible to get to the root of a problem in quick time, focus on a problem and solve it since they have all the technical knowledge necessary. Thus, opting for a full stack development is beneficial to an organization in many ways.

Full stack development offers numerous advantages as it is easy to switch roles, cost saving and provides a bigger picture. The updating & upgrading becomes easier and it also aids in getting down to root of the problem.

The Bottom Line
Full Stack Development is the overall processing of a website development including Front end & Back end development. It provides number of advantages and thus should be opted for the development of website.