Web Page Designing Secrets

To build up successful web site is not an easy task. It needs more than just web design in depth knowledge. If you want to tap into the huge potential of Internet marketing India, there are a few web design criteria, which you’ve got to put into action first. Set the right goal: Design your web site to achieve that goal. The right goal of any professional services web site is to decide the target audience. If you set this goal than you will be able to develop the web site, which can be able to appeal your target customer base. You need to know your target audience, and keep them in mind throughout the web development process. Say clearly what you want to convey, concisely focused on what they want and plan to give them all the information they need to make a decision of making a web site.

Copy Writing Of The Web Site

our web site content is the most powerful aspect of your website’s presentation — more than anything else. Creating effective text will bring you the response you want from your visitors. If your website is well written, it’s guaranteed to be more successful than sites that rely on mediocre writing, no matter how amazing their graphics may look. It takes some work! Our Internet copywriters spend many productive hours crafting each web page, especially core sales pages. Please note one thing — if you expect success, your text needs to be clear by each and every word! Presentation Of web site: When you start to develop graphical concepts for your site, remember the benefits of simplicity. It’s easy to get carried away with web graphics, but having too many flashy visuals can be very distracting — and they can take ages for browsers to load. You are developing website to give information about your company not to show the designing ability of your web design India company. Our creative designers only need a few images to make a site look highly professional.

Make surfing Easy

Avoid links that allow the visitor to leave your site. Make the links for only those pages that are very important for you to promote your business or visitor must know. Good web navigation helps people to orient themselves in your website and find what they’re looking for. Each page should also give your visitor easy access to all of the features of your site. There are many options for laying out your menus for the web site design but it’s vital to keep your navigation simple, clear and consistent throughout your site. Visitor should be very comfortable with your web site either he reads or navigates. No page counters: Page counters do nothing except make you look like an amateur, mess with your design and tell competitors about your site you probably don’t want them to know! If you want to know how many people are visiting your site, just your web hosting company server stats. Any professional web hosting company should be able to provide you detailed stats about website that make page counters look stupid. Focus on results oriented web design rather than technology: You are more concerned with the result, regardless of the technology used by your web design company . Do not use back ground music on web page as music file is pretty heavy and take time to down load. You should focus more on content on web pages to generate inquires rather than entertaining visitor by placing un necessary flash , music, marquee, animation etc.

Avoid using framesets in website

It is very easy to design frame based website for any web design company. This takes less time to design and does not required any type of designing skills but it will make site very complicated and cause listing problem with search engines. Search engine index whole site as one page and separate pages can not be listed. If your target is to make search engine friendly web design,in that case avoid frame web site designing.

Consistency in web pages structure throughout the website: do not take web site as your broacher. Some designers recommend to create a different structures to their web pages within same web site. visitor like things consistent, so your web pages should be too. That’s why all successful and famous sites have the same look and feel.

Create site map page:

A site map is a simple web page with text links to all the websites sub-pages organized in proper categories; a lot of people will use a site map if they can find one. Site map is very useful to guide visitors to make them reach to the destination page. Site map for web site will also be helpful if you wish to optimize your web pages for the search engines as site will guide crawler about the links.

Make your titles on your web page

One of the core attributes of a web page is its title. In between the tags you can specify the page’s title as it appears in the browsers top title bar and in the search engine results. Visitor pay attention to the TITLE of the web page when that page is listed in the search engines. So that you should be very clear while you write the title for that web

Avoid using too many colors in your web site: Color is a way that visitor of the web site identify things. Keep the color scheme of your web site limited to a couple of colors and keep it consistent across your site unless you want to demonstrate some colorful presentation. Reading a text with too many colors will create strain to the eyes and visitor will try to skip that text rater than reading thoroughly.

Do provide alternate text (using the ‘alt’ attribute of the image tag) for all important images of the website:

Alternate text is text that you insert in your image tags () that is used by text only browsers.. You should put meaningful information in the alternative text that will benefit those who can’t see and it will also help you with the search engine optimization process as search engine spider can not read images it can only read text which is being incorporated in your web design.