Twitter – Reporting Policy Amendment to Block Abusive/Spam Users

Twitter has re-initiated the steps towards blocking the users against disrespectful tweets or being an unwanted presence on once account with adding on spam content. Now, one can easily mute them and report that content in few steps. Previously the same process in it was lengthy with long questionnaire needs to be filled and tidy for a normal user. “We never want to introduce features at the cost of users feeling less safe,” these were the words of Vice President of Product – Michael Sippey when they removed the user blocking policy. It reversed its stance on blocking, reverting to the original policy based on tremendous opposition on the service.


With the new and simple block mechanism, it has shut the mouths who criticized for its vulgar policies for year back till now. It is further enhancing its back end tools to mark those tweets with filtering, if higher number of followers flag a specific tweet as spam.

Desktop users are having more controls of further editing the muted accounts via settings. This is at primitive level to small amount of them, to be extended to all accounts in future. Twitter’s technical team is working hard to make this reporting process more mobile friendly with easy steps in coming days, as per the Director of product management for user safety at it, Mr. Shreyansh Doshi.

How to Report and Block Spam Users / Content?

Click on the username with the abusive tweets that will open the user’s profile summary, where you can click on “More Users Actions” button to get “Block or Report” option.


Here you can click and enable the Block option and even can file a report for the annoying/spam/abusive follower to mute with the prompt action. This will mute the user with immediate effect and those followers will not be able to tweet on your account and will be included in your block account list, which can be edited as per your needs.


Twitter is rigorously working on other management and control features including the improvements in reporting structure and more stringent enforcement process for the spam followers/phishing accounts to make it viable in benefits of its user mass, which can be released shortly, as per the trusted sources of the company. The steps taken in this direction by it is appreciated with social media community and coming into actions. The time will tell how effective this will be ahead. Still this is a good step in right direction to stop the phishing comments.