Things to Know Before Designing an Ecommerce Website

Nowadays, our work life has become very demanding due to various reasons such as tight work schedules, long distance travels, rapid inflation etc.; hence we have relatively less time for recreation, shopping and other social activities. However, due to research and development in technology various new techniques and channels are now available, to make our life easy.

Therefore instead of buying products or services from local shops, people now prefer to do online shopping via online shopping sites. These online stores are more convenient, offer a broad choice, save time, energy and money; is simple and user-friendly, allows access to both local and global markets, is also available for longer hours, etc.

Following are the important things to know before designing e-commerce website. Basically an online shopping store should be easy to navigate. The most significant part of an online shopping site is the checkout process. This is because it involves the buyer’s payment details regarding products purchased. Hence it is recommended to have an easy and user-friendly checkout procedure to avoid the risk of losing the customer. A simple and structure checkout process can be completed quickly.

It is advisable to have a single page checkout solution, however if there are multiple pages in your checkout process, the customer should be informed about the various steps. This will help the customers from getting bored and they will also know the approximate time to complete the checkout process. The best way is to keep the checkout process as short as possible; by just asking for the essential details such as payment information, billing address and shipping address.

An online shopping site should be highly attractive as it is basically an online store. Customers with low budgets prefer using a free shopping cart solution, or web stores based on cheap readymade templates. An improperly designed site will create an unreliable impression in the minds of the customers, due to its appearance. This is due to the fact that customers are paying their money and providing personal details. Hence an online shopping store should be professionally designed in order to gain the confidence of the customers; and thus make them buy online. A professional web design company can help you in designing an aesthetically beautiful online store which can attract maximum customers to buy your products or services.

While availing online shopping network services, you should select the technology that can fulfill the various requirement of your customer. All the functions in an e-commerce store should be automated. A typical web store should e-mail a copy of the order to the customer, and should also include the related tracking number; as well as a link to the shipping company website for tracking their order. Even a follow-up message should be sent to obtain the customer’s feedback regarding the product and the store. A link and contact number should also be included to attend the customer complaints. This creates a better impression of the store as they can rely on customer care for after sales service.

The e-commerce store should also offer a toll-free customer service number on the website. This reflects your commitment to customer satisfaction, and assists to enhance the reliability of the e-commerce store.