Social Media Marketing Idea Through Pinterest

Pinterest – Upcoming Social Media Website for Marketing
Recently a new social media website called Pinterest has been launched on the internet. This is basically a pinboard style, photo sharing website which permits the users to create as well as manage images. These images are commonly known as pins. And a large collection of images is referred to as a pinboard. These pinboards are generally based on various themes that include numerous hobbies, different events, various interests, and much more. Users can upload and save images, and classify them on different boards.


This is fundamentally just like the other social image bookmarking systems. The mostpopular group of pinboards includes arts, cars, fashion, food, film, humor, home design, sports, travel, etc. A fellow word user can also use other types of forum content such as videos. Pinboards are themed in order to enable the users to easily organize and categorize their own pins; and to find the pins of other users. A user may also browse other pinboards to get ideas related to interesting areas. They can even re-pin any available image on their own pinboard; and like the photos of other users. They can also follow the boards of some other users who have similar tastes. Pinboard Pinterest actually serves as a customized channel platform, that enables people to view their own photos, as well as the pins that are uploaded by any other users on the main page.
A user can thereafter save their favorite images to one of their own boards by simply using the Pin It button. Similarly any other content which may be available outside it; can also be uploaded to a pinboard through the pin it button. Moreover, it can even be downloaded to the bookmark bar of any web browser; or can also be applied by a webmaster directly on a website. Further, there is a pin feed that appears on the main page of it. This displays the sequential activity of the users, and basically contains the pinboards they have followed. Besides this, while browsing for new pinboards and related pins, users can also visit a Tastemakers page. This page suggests pinboards that have content, which is similar to the previous content saved by that user. Currently the main sections available to browse are termed everything, videos, popular, and gifts.
These sections are subdivided in order to build a structured system of browsing. As a result all the users can easily connect with each other and share their interests accordingly. Moreover, this also enables business owners to create pages that help to promote their company through the internet. Such pages also act as a virtual store. Hence many companies are today using this for advertising their products. It is also found that several users spend less time on the company’s website; and now prefer to browse that company’s pinboard. Further, it also concluded that Pinterest is more effective in increasing the company sales, than the other forms of communication channels. Pinterest is therefore regarded as an upcoming online networking site for marketing. For more information about Social Media Marketing Through Pinterest visit