Social Media Ecosystem – A Digital World for Open Innovation

Necessity is the mother of all innovations. In a world getting digital, with India following the trend, the need to get social is increasing. Everybody is using social media, there is no avoiding it. It is surely the best place to stay connected to friends, family, colleagues, news, updates on anything you name and you can get yourself up-to-date. In this age of digital era, one can find many platforms to stay connected with friends and make new friends, connections, while continuously exploring the various areas. While we have talked about its vast presence and application, the second thought that comes up is how the public has got its addiction just sticked. The answer is Innovation.

Do you remember looking at your very first profile on social media and how far you’ve come. Social media has changed and evolved so much since the past many years and the buzz that comes every day around surely makes us go gaga about it. Also, the way people use social media has changed too and rest is history. Let’s dive deep into the innovations happened in the past that have helped us in one way or the other to become a better version of us.

WhatsApp: Instant Messaging App
Right from its inception, WhatsApp has been the go-to app for all the chats, images, audio, video transfers. Over the years, the team has managed to give its services to its 1.3 billion users all for free. While there are many such apps in the market but WhatsApp stake has remained high. The hard work behind keeping the numbers high goes to the team for adding a bunch of features that has made the app indispensable to its users. Voice clips had been a good way of conveying short audio messages. Adding Status had been creatively thought of and executed.

Facebook: The Social Media Giant
With 2.07 billion active monthly users, Facebook is the most widely used social networking site. To keep its users hooked and to keep up with the demand, Facebook keeps on adding more and more to the already spectacular platform. A new feature wherein you can share your screen with the world has particularly left some people dancing with excitement. It allows its users to share whatever is happening on their screens via Facebook Live Broadcast. While another feature wherein you can discover new people through your friends via the “Things in common” button has made the work much easier. This button opens up a full screen enabling you to explore through your friends’ friends, containing common interests, details and preferences. The latest update of 2018, the changed news feed algorithm to prioritize news from friends and family at the expense of public content is “The Thing” everybody is talking about. Facebook promotion is quite useful at personal as well business promotion.

YouTube: Broadcast Yourself
With one billion hours of videos watched every day, YOUTUBE has, with no doubt, positioned itself and got its hands on the most lucrative business. They have taken care of all its user base be it kids, gamers, or virtual reality, an app is there for all. They have used the data collected from sources and made its best use to come up with a customized experience for its people. A new channel of growth, the so called “Red” platform has given its users an option to view TV shows and movies with no ads. With competition coming in from Amazon and Netflix’s Success, YouTube is now getting in the game. It has shifted to a mobile first platform as users continue to leave back the traditional digital devices and depend more and more on mobile. YouTube has built its modern studio system that supports HDR videos, 360 degree video and virtual reality.

LinkedIn: Connecting Professionals
While it is estimated that 65% of the children entering primary classes will hold jobs that don’t even exists today, LinkedIn helps you to stay on top of the emerging market, learn new skills and get in touch with the new opportunities. A new LinkedIn video feature helps you show your experience and perspective, which ultimately lets one to get ahead in their careers and find their way in to new opportunities. For a majority of people seeking mentorship for their career, LinkedIn has introduced a Career advice feature. It helps you connect with the right person at the right time.

With twitter, Instagram, telegram, Tumblr, Pinterest and many others, social media have begun to revolutionize from a platform from information to a platform for influence. Be it building relationships, educating yourself, sharing your thoughts and expertise, increasing your visibility, connecting anytime or seeing profit potential in the billion social media users ; the social media innovations and promotion is sure to change your tomorrow.