Email Account Protections – Important To Know

Here are the important tips that may help you in protecting your Email account from unauthorized access by hackers.

Do’s :

·        Your email account is your future &  business , Change email password every week.

 ·        Keep email password very difficult. Use Capital, Special character and  Numbers.

·        Check email forwarder every time you change the password.

·        Check email filter rules every time you change the password.

Don’t : 

·        Never Click on  any link and enter your password

·        Never enter password other than your webmail.

·        You must type your mail link to enter your password.

How to check  Email Forwarder 

·        Login to your webmail.

·        You will find email forwarder option.

Check Email Forwarder

·        If any forwarding email is set, You will see the details.

·        You can delete the same if it is not set by you.

Delete Unknown Forwarder

How to check Email Filter : 

·        Login to your webmail

·        You will find email filtering option

Check Email Filtering

·        Click on icon and you will be able to see if any filter are set.

·        If setting is not done by you then remove immediately

Delete Unknown Email Filtering

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